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GEARBLOX is a cross functional ERP software solution driven by an integrated suite of software modules that support internal business process of a company related to aftermarket auto parts industry. 

With a discrete focus on automotive parts industry management, GEARBLOX comprises of a set of modules that helps in collecting, managing, processing and presenting the flow of information between various departments of an enterprise. 

The state-of-the-art analytics system based on the smartly managed dataset enhances the visibility of business functions and departmental efficiencies.

GEARBLOX software solution is highly customizable as per the changing requirements of enterprises based on their location and business style. The system mitigates problems and enhances the factors that help in business growth.

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The global automotive aftermarket industry size was USD 427.51 billion in 2022. The market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 4% from 2023 to 2030. The dynamics of the industry and challenges it faces are quite unique, therefore, customizable over the shelf systems are unable to satisfy the needs of the business process. GEARBLOX is specifically designed for the aftermarket auto parts industry that takes into consideration each problem that the industry faces from purchasing of parts inventory to delivery of inventory to doorstep of customers and up to the handling of returns.

It focuses on the business logic of enterprises engaged in automotive parts sales and handles all complex scenarios related to purchase, import and container management, warehousing, stores, point of sales, local purchases and inter-store transfers with emphasis on special orders.

Multiple Locations

Gearblox is a flexible solution that implements equally well irrespective of the size of an organization. The system is capable of handling multiple locations of the same business. The system provides multiple integrated websites, giving the same feel over all the locations yet managing different tasks. The system ensures your business operations run smoothly around the world in all locations.

Gearblox is flexible enough to let the management decide about access permissions and visibility of parts of the system to various locations and as per the role assignment. This essentially means everyone who is permitted to access various sites and locations data or operations will have it.

If you are growing, the system can scale with your business and new languages and currencies can be added to your system as needed. As you add new business location, new tax code and regulatory compliance will be necessary and Gearblox can adjust accordingly.


Gearblox is a modular platform implemented as a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and based on Java technologies. Users can access the system in a web browser and desktop application. 

The modules are so designed that they can work equally well separately and in an integrated environment. The modular independence enables businesses to add or remove additional individual modules as and when required.

Deployment options


Flexible options for over the counter, via mobile device and online website availability equipped with predictive search approach reduces sales order generation time. Visibility of location-based inventory counts lays bases for satisfied and loyal customers. Multiple sets of sales analytics allow the staff meeting their timelines and management to have insight into the performance of sales staff.

After sales order approval the smooth information flow allows visibility into each step from pulling the inventory to allocating to route sheets via smart rout management system which in turn reduces the efforts of driver and helps identifying better route for achieving fuel efficiency.

Integration of Inventory and Sales Management Systems allows management to adopt an efficient Purchasing mechanism. The intelligent automated enquiry generation and quotation shortlisting process places the enterprise in a competitive position. Smart Container Management System allows creating better inventory mix to fill up container and reduce shipping time.

Provides key functions necessary to update and maintain inventory quantities, costs, and on-hand requirements. A variety of screen inquiries provide management analysis of stock requirements planning, shortage monitoring, reorder analysis, stock status valuation and critical items. The system provides more functionalities like alternate parts maintenance, cost management, stock location tracking, cycle counting, global market standards, unit of measure/CUFT size definitions.

The system accelerates growth by managing customer life cycle and improving operational efficiency. Customized analytics provide an exhaustive view of complete customer, supplier or partner relationship. The relationship data enables formulation of discount and promotional strategies.

Handling payments, receipts, credits, returns and refunds is an essential part of a business. Bulk invoice handling and credit and payment adjustments allows two-way settlement of customers old credit balance with the new invoices.

Intelligent set of reports support all levels of management in taking informed decisions. Spotlighting efficiencies and the areas in which improvement is required, the system helps in growth of business activities.

Screen level and button level controls allows restricting users to their job nature and fixing responsibilities, and it makes easy to delegate authority in proper manner. Transactional audit on each screen makes the users of the screen responsible for the actions performed.

The TV App module enables the enterprise view live analytics of the business on TV screen. Keeping the top management in picture about critical events enables more informed decision making.

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