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Australian Unity is a renowned healthcare and
financial services provider in Australia

Australian Unity healthcare and financial services

The challenge

Australian Unity is a renowned healthcare and financial services provider in Australia, with a diverse workforce of over 5,000 employees. However, the company has been encountering difficulties in efficiently managing user access to their crucial systems and data due to outdated and inconsistent processes.

In order to simplify and streamline the process of granting and revoking user access to systems and data, Australian Unity requires a robust and comprehensive identity and access management system.

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The solution

Our team member provided the following services.

Our team offered comprehensive services including assessment, strategy and roadmap creation, architecture design, software selection, governance and operating model development, solution implementation, and ongoing high-value managed services to effectively address the challenges faced by Australian Unity. The proposed identity and access management system, “Identity IQ”, includes a centralized identity repository, automated processes, regulatory compliance, and seamless integration with existing systems.

The implementation process involved the preparation of necessary resources and infrastructure, followed by the development and testing of the solution.

Upon successful completion

the solution was deployed and integrated with Australian Unity’s existing systems, with training provided to users and support personnel.

User acceptance testing was performed to ensure the solution met real-world scenarios and user needs and expectations,

with any issues promptly addressed through feedback gathered during the testing phase.